Dentostim Dental Prosthesis Laboratory

Dentostim Dental Prosthesis Laboratory was founded in 2015 within Dentostim dental clinic.

The aim of the our clinic is our will to respond to our patients’ treatment needs rapidly and in our organization by taking away dependence to another laboratory in patients’ prosthesis treatments.

In our laboratory, it is completely and digitally worked on the fixed dental prosthesis, ceramic laminate (laminate veneers), inlay and onlay restorations, glass ceramic restorations and fixed prosthesis on the implant with the help of CAD/CAM system.

There are many advantages provided by a prosthesis dental laboratory in a dental clinic. Among these, the advantages of increasing emergent prosthesis’s adaptation to the patient, lowering appointment numbers and treatment costs. Let us mention about them briefly;

Advantages of dental laboratory within a clinic

When people go to a dentist, they do not generally think about the importance and role of the dental laboratory. However, the clinic’s laboratory technician is responsible for your permanent veneers, porcelain fillings, porcelain teeth or dentures after the dentist measures the size of your teeth. The technician may also apply dentures, repairs (such as falling or damaged teeth) and procedures that are mandatorily required to make related to your tooth.

Most of the dentists send laboratory works to another dental laboratory; however, there are many advantages of having a laboratory within a clinic. The most important advantage of having a laboratory and technician within the clinic may be deemed to be “a face to face direct communication between the dentist and technician”. Let us give an example for this; if a dentist wants to make porcelain veneer application for his/her patient, it may be deemed to transmit one-to-one to his/her technician about how the patient wants his/her tooth’s last condition.

This communication opportunity between the Patient-Technician-Dentist makes a great contribution to the treatment result. Likewise, technician’s speaking with the dentist directly but not through a telephone about his/her questions for the work to be made and finding their responses will carry-out more rapidly and easily. Sometimes, the technician is provided to see the patient’s smile and facial features by inviting him/her to the treatment room and a private smile design to person may be made.

These conditions that we tell are quite different and difficult for the clinics working with a dental laboratory independent from the clinic. In these kinds of conditions, the technician working independently outside has to work according to the information written only on a paper. Briefly, important details may be lost in specifics. Another of the great advantages of a dental laboratory may be thought of as “rapid feedback”.

For example, if a patient lost his/her one tooth in his/her denture as a result of a hit and he/she is obliged to catch up with a wedding in 1 hour. In those kinds of emergency situations, the clinics having a technician may provide feedback to the patient in a period of less than 1 hour by becoming prominent. We believe that the relationship between the dentist and technician plays a big role in the quality of the treatment that the patient receives finally.

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