Our Team

Our Dentists

When it comes to dentistry, it is just as important to be knowledgeable as well as relevant.

We share your sensitivity to protect your oral and dental health. We understand and listen to you and care about the communication that we have established throughout your entire treatment process.

Contact us for detailed information about our treatments.

Our Technicians

The dental technicians are indispensable for the team in the dental clinics with laboratories. Based on the information received from the dentist, they prepare the prosthesis and restorations produced specially for the patient.

Our Assistants

The role of dental assistants is generally thought to result from providing the dentist with the necessary instruments during treatment. However, the role of the assistant has a much broader job description.

These include improving oral hygiene providing skills, preparing patients for treatment, sterilizing instruments to be used, positioning salivary suckers, taking x-rays, taking dental measurements, recording notes regarding patients, and managing patients' appointments.

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