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Zirconium Teeth

The teeth and bridgeworks made of zirconium seem so natural that it is very difficult to tell the difference between the real teeth.

The zirconium tooth is a popular ceramic crown method used to improve the appearance of teeth that have lost color, shape or health over the years. The zirconium teeth are one of the crowns types that are durable, easy to apply and can be used for many years.

Besides them, since the light transmittance of zirconium is higher than other options, it is very difficult to distinguish the appearance from your natural teeth.

What is Zirconium Material?

The zirconium is one of the oldest and most abundant elements in the world's crust. It is fully in harmony with the human body.

The zirconium is frequently used in the medical applications that require a lot of durability and longevity such as artificial joints. In recent years, the people have preferred zirconium teeth instead of the metal-supported porcelain teeth.

All zirconium and glass ceramic teeth made in Dentostim Clinic are designed and manufactured in our dental prosthesis laboratory!

What are the advantages of zirconium teeth?

The zirconium teeth have tremendous strength and exhibit superior resistance to the movements such as chewing and biting. They are highly resistant to high temperatures and they do not cause the tooth sensitivity. Because they are made of crystal, the zirconium teeth are more robust than porcelain teeth.

In addition to these, since this acid-proof material does not allow the absorption of harmful substances to the tooth, it is easy to clean and last longer than all types of crowns.


It is extremely difficult to distinguish a zirconium tooth that is present between your natural teeth. In addition to these, the zirconium teeth to be placed can be produced in the dental laboratory environment according to the shape and color of the adjacent teeth.

They look like your natural tooth because they are close to the light transmission of the adjacent teeth. Therefore, if you are considering an aesthetic tooth restoration, the zirconium teeth can be the right treatment option for you.

Not allergic

Due to its biocompatible structure, probability of causing of the zirconium teeth to allergic reactions is negligible.

More your tooth!

It requires minimal preparation, which means keeping your natural tooth. This condition also provides advantage in cases where the zirconium tooth is required to be removed.

No dark lines!

Compared to metal-supported porcelains, the problem of occurring dark lines is not seen in the teeth made of zirconium since they are made of white porcelain seeming to your natural teeth enamels.

Moreover, the zirconium teeth do not darken in the gingiva formed between the gums and crowns as time passes in the metal-supported porcelain teeth. No more nausea when taking measurements with an intraoral scanner!

Zirconium dental treatment process

The process is the same as for other types of coatings applied to the teeth. It consists of two stages; preparation stage and tooth placing.

Preparation and Measurement

The first stage is the stage where your tooth is evaluated and measured. Your dentist will talk to you in detail about your damaged tooth beforehand. This preparation step involves cleaning the tooth to be intervened before the dentist shapes the tooth.

After local anesthesia is applied to the area, the tooth is shaved to a minimum level and space is created to ensure that the crown fits correctly. Then, your measurements are taken with a digital oral scanner and transferred to our dental prosthesis laboratory. We now use a computer-assisted intraoral scanner instead of the traditional impression material.

Tooth Placement

The second stage involves the replacement of your produced tooth. To increase the cohesion between the zirconium tooth and your natural tooth, a special substance is applied to the tooth in your mouth, a rough surface is obtained and the zirconium tooth is placed in its place.

The dentist will then check your appearance and comfort and finish your treatment with a final touch.

Zirconium Dental Care

The prosthetic teeth require the same attention and care that you apply to your teeth.

  • You should definitely brush your gum level after each meal and before bedtime.
  • You should use tooth floss at least once a day or twice if possible.
  • You should rinse your mouth with oral care water including fluoride before going to bed.
  • You should visit your dentist twice a year and have the necessary cleaning done.

The life of the prosthetic teeth made depend entirely on how you look. The crowned tooth will not decay by itself, but this decay can begin where the natural tooth gets together with the crowned tooth.

It is especially important to keep these areas clean because the decays that start here can damage both your tooth and crown on it.

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