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Gummy Smile

If your gums look too much when you smile, you might have a smile called “gummy smile”. Even though your tooth size is in normal sizes, if the gum covering the tooth is excessive, it will show the length of your tooth short. This situation results in a low and uneven gum level.

The gummy smile is not a dangerous situation and is much more common than you think. However, the patients often decide for the gummy smile treatment because they harm their self-confidence and feel discomfort.

What Are the Reasons for Causes Gummy Smile Seen in People?
Thin Upper Lip

If you have a thin upper lip by birth, your gums will appear more when you laugh.

Development in Childhood Period

In the early stages of development, the initial signs of the gum problem that we mentioned can be seen. In such cases, this problem can be avoided by starting to the brace therapy.

Abnormally Teeth Eruption

In some cases, the teeth do not erupt where they should be by causing more gum to appear.

Gummy Smile Treatment

In Dentostim Clinic, you have many options for the gummy smile treatment. These are as follows;

Gum Shaping

The gum shaping techniques are often used to improve the gingival level. The treatment method relates to the level of gum that is excess.

Orthodontics (Dental Braces)

This method is especially more effective in younger patients and will eliminate the possible future gum problems.

Anti-Aging Treatment

Your lip level will be lowered and the gums seen more are completely hidden with the muscle relaxant treatments to be applied to your lips and the surrounding area.

These treatments are commonly known as crown lengthening procedures and provide a beautiful smile that reveals your teeth by reducing the number of gums that occur when you laugh.

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Our Treatment

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