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3D Dental Volumetric Tomography and Panoramic Radiography

Dental tomography is a diagnostic method that creates 3D cross-sectional images of the desired region using x-ray.

The soft tissue and bone pathologies that cannot be seen in normal x-rays can be detected in detail by tomography.

With 3-dimensional dental tomography, patients are exposed to less radiation than normal x-rays, diagnosis and planning of treatment is more accurate.

In Which Conditions that 3-Dimensional Jaw Tomography Is Taken?

3d dental tomography is made with radiation at the rate of 6 times less than medical tomography.

Radiation amount is less than panoramic x-rays.

Image quality and resolution are very high.

More successful treatment is achieved by making further diagnosis with a 3D image.

Especially in the implant treatment, it increases the treatment success rate by providing determination of the bone thickness and the place where the jaw bone should come from.

What are the Advantages of 3D Tomography?

In the diagnosis of cysts and tumors in the jaw bone to determine the location of the impacted teeth in the bone and its relationship with the important anatomical regions (lower jaw nerve, sinus base),

In cases where the jaw bone needs to be evaluated in 3D, in the planning of implant treatment,

In the detection of root fractures,

In the detection of bone quality and density …

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