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Digital Dentistry

Developments in the digital world have shown itself in the field of Dentistry and provided more practical and more aesthetic solutions by enabling dentists to facilitate their works.

By means of the computer-aided design and production system (CAD-CAM) developed in the early 1980s, it is now possible to carry out restoration treatments in only one or two sessions, which used to continue for weeks with traditional methods. This method that we use provides a faster and more comfortable treatment period to our patients.

This system satisfies extremely not only dentists but also patients both in terms of treatment duration and aesthetic expectation of the restoration made.

In this way, laminate, inlay and onlay fillings, porcelain, zirconium(zirconia) crowns and dental bridgeworks are scanned by a 3d intra-oral scanner and transferred to a computer environment for preparation and produced with milling machines.

About Digital Dentistry
Digital Measurement

In this system, the measurements taken from the patient's mouth are digitally taken from the patient's mouth with the precision of micron degrees, unlike the traditional methods.

Digital Design

The restoration to be made as 3d is designed by transferring the measurement taken by the intra-oral optical camera to the computer environment.


After the design made digitally is finished, the teeth to be made are produced by cad-cam supported milling machines.

Advantages of Digital Dentistry
Traditional Measurement Method Left Behind.

With the old method, the problems such as gag reflex and nausea during the measurement gets eliminated and measurement errors that may arise from them are reduced to zero.

One Visit Dentistry

The treatment time is minimized and it allows the treatments to be made even in the same session.

Minimized Error Share

As the treatments are performed completely in the digital environment, the error share depending on the dentist and dental technician was minimized.

Utilization of Aesthetic and Biocompatibility Materials Increased

Use of the materials such as Glass-Ceramic and Zirconia are now easier to use since they have high biocompatibility that fully meets the aesthetic expectations of the patients with the developing technology.

Digital Dentistry and Smile Design

Another advantage of digital dentistry is to make the aesthetic smile design with this method.

The Cad-Cam system allows the desired design to be made in appropriate proportions and forms in accordance with the patient's mouth and face structure, since it transforms the measurement taken with the help of an optical camera from inside of the mouth into three dimensions.

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Our Treatment

When it comes to dentistry, it is as important to be knowledgeable as it is to be relevant. We share your sensitivity to protect your oral and dental health. We understand and listen to you and care about the communication that we have established throughout your entire treatment process.

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